Some things I learned about friends in 2018

A few big things 2018 has taught me:

Family is the most most important thing, but I already knew that. They are my number one, forever.  
My list this year actually has mostly to do with friends! And oddly enough, I learned a lot of these while watching my daughter turn into a tween!

  • You don’t have to wait to be invited, you can be the one who invites! I know it’s hard and scary, but the more you do it, the easier it gets! 

  • Look for the person sitting alone and sit by them. But don’t just sit by them, learn about them. And love them.

  • If someone is awkward, negative, hard to talk to, or has vibes that you don’t naturally get along with, that’s the person to love the hardest. They probably need a friend the most. And they might surprise you in the end. Most of my best friends through the years were hard to get to know.

  • No one notices when you say something stupid, they’re more worried about if they’re going to say something stupid back.

  • If you want friends, serve.

Always shine. Be a light.

10 SIMPLE Holiday Family Activities to add to your Bucket List.


Chilly days, like today, always gets me excited for the upcoming Holiday season. I’m dreaming of the days I’m bundled up in blankets by the fireplace sipping on candy cane hot cocoa while the kids are playing cheerfully outside in the snow. At least until they inevitably come in crying because their feet are frozen, their brother threw snow in their face, and they want me to share MY hot cocoa with them. But those few minutes of peace are always oh so good. Seriously we love the Holiday Season!!

For those who don't know me, I’m Amy, the owner of Belle Bucket! We sell oversized bucket lists that you hang up in your home. They are big, beautiful, and SO FUN! We released our new Christmas and Winter Collection last week, so I wanted to share some of the most popular Holiday family activities that you could add to your bucket list this year!


1. Family Christmas Movies- We LOVE watching movies together as a family! It’s definitely one of our favorite activities. When it’s freezing outside, the last thing you want to do is get into the car and drive somewhere. Staying home and watching fun Christmas movies is the best! We actually have a whole bucket List JUST for all the Christmas movies we plan on watching.

2. Family Service Project- There are so many opportunities to serve as a family during the holiday season. One of our favorite ways to serve is doing a Sub for Santa. We love working together as a family to bless another family in need. It is an opportunity to involve my kids and teach them how blessed they are. I want them to love serving others and to know how important service is. The best feeling of the season is sharing the joy that our family enjoys.

3. Polar Express- The Polar express is always a Christmas tradition in our home. Although you can usually find a local train that offers a fun polar express ride, it can be pricey, especially if you have a big family. In our home we do our own little “polar express” where we get in our pajamas, read the book, grab some hot cocoa, listen to Christmas music, and then jump into our Polar Express family van. We drive around town looking at all the Christmas lights! It so fun and affordable!

4. Gingerbread Houses- This is a tradition we have had in our home since I was a little girl. Our family made gingerbread houses each year, even though the mess completely drove my dad crazy. It is a tradition we have chosen to carry on with our children. This is where their creativity shines. We gather tons of candy (including some leftovers from Halloween) and let them go at it. It’s fun to see how their houses change from year to year. The best part is that our home has a wonderful smell and some new fun decorations that the kids made themselves.


5. Homemade candy- Every year we like to make homemade treats for our neighbors, including homemade fudge, caramels, divinity, etc. My kids love helping, especially when it comes time to help lick the bowl. They also really love delivering the treats to our neighbors and friends. I know it takes patience, but I definitely recommend letting your kids help this year!  If the task seems too hard, there are always Rice Krispy Treats.


6. Pajama Christmas Dance Party- My kids love dance parties! When it’s cold outside, it’s the perfect time to blast some Christmas music and let the kids dance the night away in their pajamas. Grandpa and Grandma love joining in the fun cheering the kids along.

7. Christmas Slumber Party- After having a pajama Christmas dance party, grab some pillows and settle down by (or even under) the Christmas tree. Look up at all the lights and share memories from past Christmases. You can even turn on some old family Christmas videos, and end the night with a Christmas movie. Talk about a perfect night!

8. Family Game Night- We love to get new games on Christmas! We stock up on M&M’s and spend the whole night playing games as a family. Some of our favorites are Rummikub, Uno, Sleeping Queens, Mexican Train, Five Crowns, and Ticket to Ride. We enjoy inviting neighbors to join in the fun.

Christmas activities

9. Decorating the Christmas Tree- At our home, putting the tree up is a whole process, and we really only include the kids in the non-breakable ornament part, but that part is really fun. We play Christmas music, drink eggnog, make cookies, and reminisce about each ornament we have collected through the years. We try to add or make a new ornament each year to represent something special that happened that year. On top of that, we give our kids their own mini tree to decorate. We have ZERO rules on how they can decorate their tree (or how many times), so just last year they probably decorated their tree five times with different toys they found around the house. It was really cute and fun to see how creative they were!

10. Christmas Bingo- Christmas Eve always includes a fun game of Christmas Bingo. We use Christmas Skittles or M&M’s to mark the cards (we keep a lot on hand since they seem to disappear playing the game, lol). When you get a bingo you get a white elephant gift. The next winner can steal a gift that’s been opened, or open a new gift. It gets pretty crazy but so fun! There are really cute printable Bingo Cards online, here is the one we use and it’s FREE!

The beauty of a bucket List that the whole family can see is that it causes the memories to happen. If I get lazy and want to skip some, my kids hold me accountable and we end up with so much more than if we just talk about it. If you are interested in ordering a Belle Bucket List check us out at

I hope you all have an AMAZING memory filled Holiday Season. Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

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Welcome to the Belle Bucket Blog!

Welcome to the Belle Bucket Blog!

Hello Belle Bucket friends!
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