Some things I learned about friends in 2018

A few big things 2018 has taught me:

Family is the most most important thing, but I already knew that. They are my number one, forever.  
My list this year actually has mostly to do with friends! And oddly enough, I learned a lot of these while watching my daughter turn into a tween!

  • You don’t have to wait to be invited, you can be the one who invites! I know it’s hard and scary, but the more you do it, the easier it gets! 

  • Look for the person sitting alone and sit by them. But don’t just sit by them, learn about them. And love them.

  • If someone is awkward, negative, hard to talk to, or has vibes that you don’t naturally get along with, that’s the person to love the hardest. They probably need a friend the most. And they might surprise you in the end. Most of my best friends through the years were hard to get to know.

  • No one notices when you say something stupid, they’re more worried about if they’re going to say something stupid back.

  • If you want friends, serve.

Always shine. Be a light.