Ordering is easy! 

1. Email me your bucket list- bellebucket@gmail.com.
Make sure you send me the right amount of list items and follow the guideline!! (see Below)
2. I will send a proof to your email within 2-3 business days
3. This is the time to request any revisions you would like to your printable design.
Please double check to see if I missed anything, made any mistakes, or want anything changed.  There is no rush in this process, we can go back and forth as many times as needed to get your list absolutely perfect!  To make the process faster, please send your list spelled checked, in the right format, and keep your list items short!  (see more details below!)

Please Note- Once you approve the design and it has been sent, there is a $5 fee for revisions requested.  No fee is required for revisions requested after the proof, only once you give approval on the design and have received it.

At the end of the process you will have:
- You will receive a PDF file, sized to be printed 36"x48" (but you can always print smaller!)

Each list has a different number of items.

For example, if you're interested in the Succulent list, you would send me exactly 30 items!  

Belle Bucket list ITEMS are custom, but the Belle Bucket list DESIGNS are not.  We cannot alter the header or design at this time.

Here are some helpful hints that will make getting your list done fast:
• Please TYPE your list straight to my email, instead of sending me a picture of list items you want, a file like Word or Pages, or any other program..
• Please don't use dashes, numbers, or bullets in front of the final list you send me.
• Double and Triple check your spelling
• Try your best to keep your items SHORT so they fit on the list!!• While inserting your custom list, I go straight down the 1st row, then the 2nd, etc.  If you want your list in a specific order, please keep that in mind!

Here's an example of the format you should send:
Go to the Park
Family Walk
Road Trip

Guideline you must follow to obtain the Digital File:
1. The year cannot be removed from your list (this is usually not an issue, but every once in awhile someone asks)

2. You must have at least ONE person list item.  Using a first or last name always works great! 
For Example: instead of saying something like, "Camping Trip" you could say, "Smith Camping trip". or instead of saying, "Daddy Daughter Date" say, "Daddy + Claire Date"

Contact me if you have any questions before ordering!