Belle Bucket Lists are meant to be printed LARGE!
We recommend 36" x 48"!
(You can request a smaller size if needed!)
Large format printing can be VERY expensive if not done right.
Here are some steps to make your printing process affordable and simple!
With the file, you have the freedom to print on any size, paper type, etc., but that option can add up and lose some of its “WOW” factor!
I’m going to share how I personally print mine!


Step 1

After receiving your file, it's time to choose where to print!
When looking for a print shop, make sure they have a
Most UPS Stores, Staples, Office Depot, Fedex Kinkos, and Alphagraphics do! (but definitely call ahead and ask, because it is by location!)
I know the UPS Store in Lehi, UT, Alphagraphics in Lehi, UT and Pioneer Party in Lehi, Ut will print and ship for an okay price and ships for those who’s local print shops overcharge!
(UPS in Lehi gave me a special deal to share! They will print 36x48 and on 46# paper instead of the thin 20# engineering paper for $7.)
And I haven’t tried it, but someone recently told me that is a good option as well!


Step 2

After finding out which print shops have a LARGE FORMAT BLACK AND WHITE BLUEPRINT PRINTER (blueprint paper is pretty thin so be careful with it!), it's time to compare pricing.
I have found that some print shops will charge you as low as $8 and others will charge up to $30+ FOR THE SAME PROJECT!
Do your research!!  Your location will also be a factor in pricing.
This may take a little time, but once you find the print shop that works best for you, you can use them every season!  Your work will be done!
Note: You may want to send them your file so they know that Belle Bucket lists require a lot of ink and are not blueprints.


Step 3

Now that you have found your perfect print shop, it's time to get your file printed!  You can usually email them your file.  Make sure you explain in the email that your attached file will be printed on the black and white engineering printer, and specify your size.  I recommend size 36"x48" 
For example: “Will you print the attached files on the black and white engineering printer at 36 x 48 inches? Thank you!”


Step 4

The print shop should let you know when your Belle Bucket List is READY FOR PICK-UP!  Yay!
When picking it up, PLEASE check your print before taking it home!  
You don't want to start the whole process over and have to drive all the way back to the print shop if the ink is faded, you got the wrong file, etc.
And ENJOY!!!


Some tips: Blueprint paper is really thin and fragile, be careful about getting it wet or bending it.
Luckily since you obtain the file, you can easily get it re-printed!

These lists aren't meant to last longer than a season.  
My hope is for you to fill the lists up with crayons and stickers (be creative!), make checking off each item part of the fun memories!  
Belle Bucket lists should be enjoyed right now.  
As the season ends, you'll love seeing all the memories you've made together!