Frequently Asked Questions


How do I print my Belle Bucket List?

There are 4 ways to print:
1. Email your files to a print shop like Staples, Alphagraphics, Fedex, etc.
2. Upload your JPG files online to print shop like
3. Find a small local print shop in your area (Support small businesses!)
4. Contact me for custom printing services. (COMING SOON!)


What printable file type will I receive?

You will receive a un-editable PDF file.
The files are in high-resolution (300 DPI).
Make sure you keep your PDF files in case you need to re-print. 


What is the best paper type to print on?

Seasonal Belle Bucket lists are just that, seasonal!  Thick paper will look AMAZING, but it will also be pricey.
I personally print on engineering paper (20 bond).  Unfortunately, some print shops are not willing to put our designs on paper this thin, ask for their recommendation.


How do you hang it on the wall?

This is completely up to you!  I personally just use thumb tacks on the corners.  Most people use tacky, thumb tacks, or tape!  There are also people who mount is on a thicker material (like wood), and some people even frame it!